Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painting the Roses Red...ish

hello everyone!! so I was on the internet shopping and I saw the most unusual thing.. it was alice in wonderland leggings. I thought they were so cool so they inspired me a little bit. that was always my favorite childhood Disney movie, and after I saw that movie, I started to sing the songs.... "painting the roses red, painting the roses red!" and if reminded me that I had plain white roses.. and I wanted to make them more exciting:) so I decided to paint my roses pink, yellow, teal and purple:D

I decided to glitterize mine, but I thought they looked rough and just unique and shabby chic at the same time! literally all I did was dip them in paint and sprinkled glitter on them lol! so just try this wit your fake flowers and paint and I promise it will spice everything up!

short post today for a short and easy project!! but ok, so if you guys want, try out any of these projects on this blog, or for the love of art, and tweet them to me @Kayla_Turner_22 and I will give you guys a shout out on this blog and ill give all my viewers the links and everything to your blog! you can also email me your picks ( )

thanks for reading!!!

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  1. So on trend Kayla with all these handmade flowers out there at the moment. Love that touch of sparkle. Hugs, Jenny x