Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY: Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! so a long time ago I did a tutorial on painting vintage frames here's a link to that


but today, I'm going to take the tutorial a step farther!

use that last tutorial to paint your frames and now were going to make those into bulletin board's.

you will need:

-painted frames
-cork board paper
-foam board pieces
-hot glue gun

so this is super simple, the cork I bought was super thin and it had a sticky  back. so I took a piece of foam board and cut it to fit the back of the frame, and then took the piece of crock and stuck it on the foam.

then you literally just glue it onto the frame with some hot glue and your done!!

if you want to hang them on the wall, then I just took and exacto knife and cut a triangle on the top. or, your could just duct tape it to the wall :)

thanks for reading! you could use this idea on much bigger frames! this is really cool! I use these frames to display my tags of the months.. if you follow my "for the love of art " blog then you'll know what I'm talking about ha-ha

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