Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Painting the Roses Red...ish

hello everyone!! so I was on the internet shopping and I saw the most unusual thing.. it was alice in wonderland leggings. I thought they were so cool so they inspired me a little bit. that was always my favorite childhood Disney movie, and after I saw that movie, I started to sing the songs.... "painting the roses red, painting the roses red!" and if reminded me that I had plain white roses.. and I wanted to make them more exciting:) so I decided to paint my roses pink, yellow, teal and purple:D

I decided to glitterize mine, but I thought they looked rough and just unique and shabby chic at the same time! literally all I did was dip them in paint and sprinkled glitter on them lol! so just try this wit your fake flowers and paint and I promise it will spice everything up!

short post today for a short and easy project!! but ok, so if you guys want, try out any of these projects on this blog, or for the love of art, and tweet them to me @Kayla_Turner_22 and I will give you guys a shout out on this blog and ill give all my viewers the links and everything to your blog! you can also email me your picks ( )

thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY: Vintage Frame Bulletin Board

Hello everyone! so a long time ago I did a tutorial on painting vintage frames here's a link to that

but today, I'm going to take the tutorial a step farther!

use that last tutorial to paint your frames and now were going to make those into bulletin board's.

you will need:

-painted frames
-cork board paper
-foam board pieces
-hot glue gun

so this is super simple, the cork I bought was super thin and it had a sticky  back. so I took a piece of foam board and cut it to fit the back of the frame, and then took the piece of crock and stuck it on the foam.

then you literally just glue it onto the frame with some hot glue and your done!!

if you want to hang them on the wall, then I just took and exacto knife and cut a triangle on the top. or, your could just duct tape it to the wall :)

thanks for reading! you could use this idea on much bigger frames! this is really cool! I use these frames to display my tags of the months.. if you follow my "for the love of art " blog then you'll know what I'm talking about ha-ha

DIY: Galaxy Shoes!!

Hey everyone! so today, I'm going to show you guys how to do my version of the galaxy shoes! these are super popular this summer and the galaxy patter is just growing in popularity! People are wearing the galaxy print on everything from shoes to pants to shirts and jewelry!

to do this project you will need:
- an old pair of sneakers ( vans or converse work best )
-fabric paint or acrylic paint in colors black, blue, purple, teal, and white ( fabric paint is best because its flexible with the fabric, but with these shoes, they were harder, so I found acrylic paint worked fine, plus I already had it handy :D )
- foam paint brushes
-dotting tools or toothpicks
-hard paintbrush
- *optional rhinestones*
ok, so this is what my shoes looked like before...

so to start, you want to take the shoelaces out, and take either painters tape, or regular tape, and go around the white part of the shoes to make sure you don't get any tape on them. then, paint the entire shoe black.
I know it looks like I got paint everywhere, but its on the tape.
then, take a foam applicator and dab random splotches of dark blue, teal, purple and white all over the shoes, knowing that the white spots are the galaxys so try and make them oval shaped.

it might look a little funky at first, but then, take a hard paint brush and dip it in white paint and fling it in little splotches on the shoe to create the look of little stars like above.
then take a toothpick and add bigger stars in patterns
then the last step is to glue on some rhinestones if you want to and then you put the laces back in and take the tape off.

these are pretty cool! and there a lot more exciting than they were before! plus these are custom, so you can say that no one else has a pair like these!
if you want to, you can take fabric dye and dye the shoelaces to match, but I thought it looked cool with the white.

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