Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Canvas Logos ( Cheap & Easy Room Decor Day 2 )

Hello everyone!! so today I'm going to show you how to easily transfer a image or logo onto a canvas! In this demonstration, I'm doing the Batman Logo, as a part of a gift for my best friend because she loves batman.

The Things you will need are:
  • a Canvas
  • A printed pattern ( logo or something to transfer )
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your pattern
  • Paint brushes

Start by selecting you logo.
then you'll need to transfer the image to the canvas.
if you picked a relatively simple pattern like I did, you could probably just hand draw it. but if your pattern is more difficult then here's what I suggest you do. 

Transferring a Image onto a canvas:
First you need to make sure that the image is the same size as your canvas. then turn the pattern over so your on the back. take a pencil and just roughly shade in the entire area where your pattern is on the front. when you finish, place the graphite side down onto the canvas, so now the pattern side it up, then trace along the lines of the pattern and when you take it off, the image should be there!

you could also use graphite paper for this but I find that its quite expensive when you could just do it this way.

Really, this blog is more of a "how to properly paint" post because honestly I did the batman logo, when some of you might want to do roses! you just follow the same rules and go for it! here's some techniques, ill do simple shape designs, then ill go into realistic valued images.

Simple Shape Patterns
Techniques to follow:
  • Always paint using the lightest color first then the darkest color, so in this batman logo, I made sure to paint the yellow first, then go back in and add the black ( notice you can still see the pencil lines, this is good for transferring the black part, plus, once you add the black, you wont see the lines anymore )

  • another technique for simple shape patterns is to really take your time to get the precise, clean brush lines.
  •  carefully observe your piece and add any highlights or lowlights to your design, just to jazz it up.
  • Lastly, if you have a dark background, like mentioned above, make sure you paint it last.
Realistic Valued Patterns:
  •  when you transfer your image, I suggest going in and adding value changes. value changes are when a color gets lighter or darker in certain areas. finding these changes will help you add them in which will make the art piece more interesting
  • take your time! a lot of people will rush this process, but you have to have patience!

so in the end, this will look really cool! something to spice up your room:) below is some ideas you can use to figure out what to paint

  • Your favorite band
  • favorite flower
  • favorite TV show logo
  • favorite movie logo
  • song quotes
  • book quotes
  • cartoon character
  • comic book stuff
  • favorite websites
  • favorite places to vacation ( ex: beach, desert?)

Thanks for reading! hope this sparked ideas!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY: Vintage Frames ( Cheap & Easy Room Decor Day 1 )

Hello Everyone!  welcome to the first day of cheap and easy room décor! I found these cool frames in the wood section at my craft store for like 2 dollars! and, well they weren't very exciting looking. so I though id paint them and make them look vintage, because I really love vintage looking things and I'm sure a lot you guys do too:)

Here's the things you'll need:

  • Acrylic white gesso
  • Acrylic paint of your choice color ( for the main color)
  • Acrylic Paint of your choice color ( for the distressing) I suggest using either black white or brown.
  • Sandpaper
  • paper towels
  • A frame ( can be the vintage wood ones, or just a regular frame)
  • Paint brushes
  • Modpodge ( glossy or matte )
I chose to paint one of mine gold, and the other one turquoise.
the first thing you do is to prime your frames. pretty much because the wood might not be smooth, so I use Acrylic Gesso to make sure the wood is nice and smooth.
then I painted one of my frames, gold and the other one blue, I'm going to show pictures on how I painted the blue one, but for the gold one, you do it with the exam same technique just different colors.
I mixed the first two colors together to get the color I wanted ( sorry my paint bottles are messy )
then I just covered the frame with the paint and a cheap foam thing. ( I don't exactly know what there called ) I used a couple of layers of paint to make sure that it was covered completely. some brands of paint take more layers than others.
when the paint was dry, I took some sand paper to rough up the edges a little bit. then I grabbed some darker blue paint and black paint and used a paper towel to dab on the color and blend it out.

I did the same thing with the gold frame

the last step is to seal the color on the frame. for this, I just used modpodge. for the gold frame I used glossy modpodge and for the blue frame I used matte. ( I wasn't sure which one I should used so I just used both. )
These frames can be used to spice up a lot of things around your home. I saw this idea below on pinterest and loved it:)
Can transform a unsightly wall decoration into something cool to look at:)
or, you can use them to decorate your light switches. this size frame fits this wall outlet perfectly.

so I hope you guys enjoyed this idea and be sure to check out the other days of Cheap & Easy Room décor!
The next post on this blog will be another cool way to use these frames so stay tuned!
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thanks!!! Have a great day!!

Cheap & Easy Room Decor ANNOUNCEMENT

Hello everyone! so I am going to start remodeling my room... again! I love change especially with furniture and décor. I guess you could say I just get tired with things really last theme was a black and white damask, but now I have a floral pattern bed spread and I got it from target. its part of there shabby chic collection. its simply shabby chic cabbage rose, its the blue comforter. So every time I switch my comforter I always switch my room décor. but because I change my room so often, I don't like to spend a lot of money, so I resort to a TONE of DIY's. and this time, since I have a blog now, I thought I'd share some of my idea's for cheap and Easy room décor! so whenever I come up with an idea, ill post a blog. so that you guys can decorate your rooms or houses with me:) I love redecorating!

I hope to inspire you guys with this series of projects, to maybe create your own! brighten up your room or house to make it amazing and a place you love to walk into, that doesn't make a hole in your pocket!

I'm trying to make a lot of my décor vintage looking, so bare with me here

thanks for reading! have a great day!

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY: Baby Diaper Cake!

Hello everyone! so recently I had one of my friends baby showers to attend! and I saw this thing online that was so adorable! it looked like a cake and it was made completely out of baby diapers! this is a fantastic gift for an expecting mother because you get the baby diapers and all the little trinket and stuff you decorate it with! here's the finished result

this was surprisingly easy to create and I'm going to teach you how!

The only things you really need to create this is Baby diapers and rubber bands. then you can add small items to decorate it, like I added travel sized baby products ( shampoos, lotions, baby powder etc..) and baby spoons, and little pink rubber ducky's because this is for a baby girl:)

the first thing you have to do is roll up ALOT of baby diapers. I put the patterned side in a just rolled it up and secured it with a rubber band. you don't want to use any kind of glue on the diapers because you want the mother to be able to reuse these diapers, and she cant do that if you hot glue them shut. this step is shown below in a series of pictures

I rolled up 60 baby diapers, I did not provide you with the info of how many diapers are on each tier because of 2 reasons; 1, I don't actually remember ( ha ha ) and 2, I want you to be able to mess with the sizes because if you don't want to sit up all night rolling up 60 baby diapers ( I remember this because I bought 2, 30 packs of diapers at the store.)  but you can make it bigger or smaller its up  to you:)

I chose to do 3 tiers of diapers. once I got all the diapers rolled up I placed them together in a circle and took a huge rubber band and put it around all the diapers to hold them together. ( if you buy the pack of rubber bands with assorted sizes there will be this size of rubber bands in there.) I did this to every tier. I will say, its a lot easier if you have someone to help you. especially in the biggest layer cause it can be hard to hold that many rolled diapers together.

the next step is to start decorating. I bought some baby pink ruffled ribbon and my local craft store. and then I wrapped it around the cake and held it tight and put a drop of hot glue on the ribbon ( not touching the baby diapers) so the ribbon will be held in place but the diapers would not be ruined. the ribbon hides the rubber bands and makes the cake look a lot cooler

 after I wrapped the ribbon around it I tied 3 bows and placed it on the "cake"

I bought a fake pink flower and that was my cake topper. I was pleased with this look because the flower matched the pink ribbon I bought. I used by cricut with the font cartridge to cut out the words "baby" and glued them on wooden sticks and stuck them in the flower.

then the last step is just to add some little trinkets around the outside

at craft stores they sell kits to do these but honestly, it was super simple to do this by yourself and the kits are expensive so it saves your money

the soon-to-be mother really enjoyed this gift and I bet you friends would to!
Thanks for reading! if you enjoyed this DIY be sure to check out my other DIY's
keep on reading for more on this blog:) Thank you guys so much and be sure to have a fantastic day!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY: Transforming Old to New

hello everyone! so a couple of weeks ago i went to my local fleamarket trying to find me a bedside table for cheap. i went to local stores to find a table, but they wanted like 100 dollars! and i said that was crazy for somthing so small. so i payed 15 dollars for this storage unit below,

now i already know what you are thinking....and this is defently not my style.... i have a very bright colored personility so i definatley needed to brighten this up.
If you like cool personilized furniture and you dont like spending alot of money, then i really suggest buying used furniture for cheap, and remodeling it. at least if you break it or mess it up and you only spent 5 dollars, it really wont matter. im trying to show you how easy it is to remodel old furniture, now im not a pro, but its acceptable:)
I started by sanding down the raised design on all sides of the night stand.
after that i pulled both of the knobs out.
then i went to my hardware store and bought some spray paint primer, then a white spray paint, and lastly a cool color of regular paint.
i sprayed the night stand with the primer first, with a couple of layers, then i let it dry for 1 day
then I spray painted the night stand white with a couple coats of paint, then i let it dry for 1 day.
after that the last thing i had to do was paint the stand with a brush. i chose a pale teal color for the base.
the very last thing i did was i went to my craft store and bought drawer knobs to replace the old ones that it had. i chose some vintage looking ones with crystal knobs.
and done!
i think it turned out ok.... i just have to find a place to put it! but for about 20 dollars... who can beat it?
its not that hard but it ranges with every piece
buy it + sand it + prime it + paint it = LOVE OF FURNITURE
i know its not alot of details but i can definatley answer questions!
if you have a question or comment, leave it to me below and i will respond! you guys have a fantastic day:)
My next post will be coming soon!
soon- to -be mothers friends or soon-to-be mothers will love this:)
Stay tuned and thanks for reading your daily dose of the beauty of ectcetera!