Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Canvas Logos ( Cheap & Easy Room Decor Day 2 )

Hello everyone!! so today I'm going to show you how to easily transfer a image or logo onto a canvas! In this demonstration, I'm doing the Batman Logo, as a part of a gift for my best friend because she loves batman.

The Things you will need are:
  • a Canvas
  • A printed pattern ( logo or something to transfer )
  • Acrylic paint in the colors of your pattern
  • Paint brushes

Start by selecting you logo.
then you'll need to transfer the image to the canvas.
if you picked a relatively simple pattern like I did, you could probably just hand draw it. but if your pattern is more difficult then here's what I suggest you do. 

Transferring a Image onto a canvas:
First you need to make sure that the image is the same size as your canvas. then turn the pattern over so your on the back. take a pencil and just roughly shade in the entire area where your pattern is on the front. when you finish, place the graphite side down onto the canvas, so now the pattern side it up, then trace along the lines of the pattern and when you take it off, the image should be there!

you could also use graphite paper for this but I find that its quite expensive when you could just do it this way.

Really, this blog is more of a "how to properly paint" post because honestly I did the batman logo, when some of you might want to do roses! you just follow the same rules and go for it! here's some techniques, ill do simple shape designs, then ill go into realistic valued images.

Simple Shape Patterns
Techniques to follow:
  • Always paint using the lightest color first then the darkest color, so in this batman logo, I made sure to paint the yellow first, then go back in and add the black ( notice you can still see the pencil lines, this is good for transferring the black part, plus, once you add the black, you wont see the lines anymore )

  • another technique for simple shape patterns is to really take your time to get the precise, clean brush lines.
  •  carefully observe your piece and add any highlights or lowlights to your design, just to jazz it up.
  • Lastly, if you have a dark background, like mentioned above, make sure you paint it last.
Realistic Valued Patterns:
  •  when you transfer your image, I suggest going in and adding value changes. value changes are when a color gets lighter or darker in certain areas. finding these changes will help you add them in which will make the art piece more interesting
  • take your time! a lot of people will rush this process, but you have to have patience!

so in the end, this will look really cool! something to spice up your room:) below is some ideas you can use to figure out what to paint

  • Your favorite band
  • favorite flower
  • favorite TV show logo
  • favorite movie logo
  • song quotes
  • book quotes
  • cartoon character
  • comic book stuff
  • favorite websites
  • favorite places to vacation ( ex: beach, desert?)

Thanks for reading! hope this sparked ideas!

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