Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY: Bracelet Holder/ Display! ( Cheap and Easy Room decor Day 3 )

Hello everyone! today I'm going to show you how to make a cheap and easy Bracelet Holder or a display! everything I got to make this was from the dollar store! I was inspired by a famous you-tuber named annorshine ( Ann or shine ). you guys should check out her channel she has amazing diy's.

-a small plate ( I used a candle holder ) ( for the bottem of the display

- something to put the bracelets through ( a small round vase works perfect for this
- if you used something hollow then you can fill it with something, I used marbles
-Hot glue gun
The first thing you need to do is clean your components to insure that the glue will stick and stay well.
next you need to fill your vase with the marbles or whatever filling your using. you could use, flower petals, silk flowers, rocks from a collection, fake gems etc.
make sure you leave enough room at the top to make sure that the plate can touch the rim of the glass

then you need to put a bunch of hot glue around the rim and place the plate up side down onto the glass.

The flip this right side up and you have a bracelet holder!
the bottom plate can be used to hold excess earrings or from broken bracelets or bracelets that don't fit. I mainly have rubber bracelets from concerts put I'm working on getting more!
thank you guys for reading!! I hope this helped you and you guys could even do this project on a smaller scale and use it as a ring holder! even if it was the same size plate you could use multiple stacks for rings haha!.
Make your day great! see ya soon!


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