Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Best Way to Clean your Make-up Brushes!

hello everyone! I took a glance at all my makeup brushes the other day and I noticed/remembered that I haven't cleaned them in awhile ... so I used my old method to clean them up!

if your brushes look like this.. its time to clean them, these brushes are full of germs and need to be cleaned because your taking the germs on your face, now one the brushes... now in your make-up, plus, its always nice to know that your not going to have a surprise neon color in your neutral make-up. ( as in color left over in the brushes from last night at the club ha-ha )

I just used 3 products on these brushes:

1.) dawn disinfecting dish soap- this helps to get the unwanted germs out
2.) olive oil - this helps remove the makeup in the brushes, and makes them feel soft
3.) baby shampoo- to calm down the harsh dawn dish soap.

the first thing I do is I put my "supplies" on a plate like below:

you first put your brush in the pure olive oil, this is going to get he makeup out of the brush and recondition the hairs. look at all this disgusting makeup the olive oil removed below
then I swivel the brush in a mixture of the dawn dish soap and baby shampoo. the dawn also helps get the unwanted oils off the brush, you don't want to put oil like that on your face haha

then after you do that you just rinse off the bristles and lay on a paper towel to dry! you never want to put the brushed hair up because the water will run up and drip into the barrel and loosen the glue and your brush will break, its best to store the brushes up side down, but I figure just laying them down works to ha-ha

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