Saturday, May 25, 2013

DIY: Baby Diaper Cake!

Hello everyone! so recently I had one of my friends baby showers to attend! and I saw this thing online that was so adorable! it looked like a cake and it was made completely out of baby diapers! this is a fantastic gift for an expecting mother because you get the baby diapers and all the little trinket and stuff you decorate it with! here's the finished result

this was surprisingly easy to create and I'm going to teach you how!

The only things you really need to create this is Baby diapers and rubber bands. then you can add small items to decorate it, like I added travel sized baby products ( shampoos, lotions, baby powder etc..) and baby spoons, and little pink rubber ducky's because this is for a baby girl:)

the first thing you have to do is roll up ALOT of baby diapers. I put the patterned side in a just rolled it up and secured it with a rubber band. you don't want to use any kind of glue on the diapers because you want the mother to be able to reuse these diapers, and she cant do that if you hot glue them shut. this step is shown below in a series of pictures

I rolled up 60 baby diapers, I did not provide you with the info of how many diapers are on each tier because of 2 reasons; 1, I don't actually remember ( ha ha ) and 2, I want you to be able to mess with the sizes because if you don't want to sit up all night rolling up 60 baby diapers ( I remember this because I bought 2, 30 packs of diapers at the store.)  but you can make it bigger or smaller its up  to you:)

I chose to do 3 tiers of diapers. once I got all the diapers rolled up I placed them together in a circle and took a huge rubber band and put it around all the diapers to hold them together. ( if you buy the pack of rubber bands with assorted sizes there will be this size of rubber bands in there.) I did this to every tier. I will say, its a lot easier if you have someone to help you. especially in the biggest layer cause it can be hard to hold that many rolled diapers together.

the next step is to start decorating. I bought some baby pink ruffled ribbon and my local craft store. and then I wrapped it around the cake and held it tight and put a drop of hot glue on the ribbon ( not touching the baby diapers) so the ribbon will be held in place but the diapers would not be ruined. the ribbon hides the rubber bands and makes the cake look a lot cooler

 after I wrapped the ribbon around it I tied 3 bows and placed it on the "cake"

I bought a fake pink flower and that was my cake topper. I was pleased with this look because the flower matched the pink ribbon I bought. I used by cricut with the font cartridge to cut out the words "baby" and glued them on wooden sticks and stuck them in the flower.

then the last step is just to add some little trinkets around the outside

at craft stores they sell kits to do these but honestly, it was super simple to do this by yourself and the kits are expensive so it saves your money

the soon-to-be mother really enjoyed this gift and I bet you friends would to!
Thanks for reading! if you enjoyed this DIY be sure to check out my other DIY's
keep on reading for more on this blog:) Thank you guys so much and be sure to have a fantastic day!

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