Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY: Transforming Old to New

hello everyone! so a couple of weeks ago i went to my local fleamarket trying to find me a bedside table for cheap. i went to local stores to find a table, but they wanted like 100 dollars! and i said that was crazy for somthing so small. so i payed 15 dollars for this storage unit below,

now i already know what you are thinking....and this is defently not my style.... i have a very bright colored personility so i definatley needed to brighten this up.
If you like cool personilized furniture and you dont like spending alot of money, then i really suggest buying used furniture for cheap, and remodeling it. at least if you break it or mess it up and you only spent 5 dollars, it really wont matter. im trying to show you how easy it is to remodel old furniture, now im not a pro, but its acceptable:)
I started by sanding down the raised design on all sides of the night stand.
after that i pulled both of the knobs out.
then i went to my hardware store and bought some spray paint primer, then a white spray paint, and lastly a cool color of regular paint.
i sprayed the night stand with the primer first, with a couple of layers, then i let it dry for 1 day
then I spray painted the night stand white with a couple coats of paint, then i let it dry for 1 day.
after that the last thing i had to do was paint the stand with a brush. i chose a pale teal color for the base.
the very last thing i did was i went to my craft store and bought drawer knobs to replace the old ones that it had. i chose some vintage looking ones with crystal knobs.
and done!
i think it turned out ok.... i just have to find a place to put it! but for about 20 dollars... who can beat it?
its not that hard but it ranges with every piece
buy it + sand it + prime it + paint it = LOVE OF FURNITURE
i know its not alot of details but i can definatley answer questions!
if you have a question or comment, leave it to me below and i will respond! you guys have a fantastic day:)
My next post will be coming soon!
soon- to -be mothers friends or soon-to-be mothers will love this:)
Stay tuned and thanks for reading your daily dose of the beauty of ectcetera!

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