Sunday, May 26, 2013

DIY: Vintage Frames ( Cheap & Easy Room Decor Day 1 )

Hello Everyone!  welcome to the first day of cheap and easy room décor! I found these cool frames in the wood section at my craft store for like 2 dollars! and, well they weren't very exciting looking. so I though id paint them and make them look vintage, because I really love vintage looking things and I'm sure a lot you guys do too:)

Here's the things you'll need:

  • Acrylic white gesso
  • Acrylic paint of your choice color ( for the main color)
  • Acrylic Paint of your choice color ( for the distressing) I suggest using either black white or brown.
  • Sandpaper
  • paper towels
  • A frame ( can be the vintage wood ones, or just a regular frame)
  • Paint brushes
  • Modpodge ( glossy or matte )
I chose to paint one of mine gold, and the other one turquoise.
the first thing you do is to prime your frames. pretty much because the wood might not be smooth, so I use Acrylic Gesso to make sure the wood is nice and smooth.
then I painted one of my frames, gold and the other one blue, I'm going to show pictures on how I painted the blue one, but for the gold one, you do it with the exam same technique just different colors.
I mixed the first two colors together to get the color I wanted ( sorry my paint bottles are messy )
then I just covered the frame with the paint and a cheap foam thing. ( I don't exactly know what there called ) I used a couple of layers of paint to make sure that it was covered completely. some brands of paint take more layers than others.
when the paint was dry, I took some sand paper to rough up the edges a little bit. then I grabbed some darker blue paint and black paint and used a paper towel to dab on the color and blend it out.

I did the same thing with the gold frame

the last step is to seal the color on the frame. for this, I just used modpodge. for the gold frame I used glossy modpodge and for the blue frame I used matte. ( I wasn't sure which one I should used so I just used both. )
These frames can be used to spice up a lot of things around your home. I saw this idea below on pinterest and loved it:)
Can transform a unsightly wall decoration into something cool to look at:)
or, you can use them to decorate your light switches. this size frame fits this wall outlet perfectly.

so I hope you guys enjoyed this idea and be sure to check out the other days of Cheap & Easy Room décor!
The next post on this blog will be another cool way to use these frames so stay tuned!
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