Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY: Matte Poka-Dot Nails!

Hello everyone! today im gonna show you how to get these super cute pokadot nails! there super easy to do, but you have to take your time or else they wont turn out like you want them to. now, i am no nail artist, but the imperfections in the polish shows that if i can do it, you can do it haha.

I used The Beauty Secrets Base Coat to start off my manicure. then, i applyed the wet and wild black nail polish. i love this black i repurchased it over and over because it has great coverage and its super cheap! then i used one of my dotting tools i got off ebay in a set of 5. i put dots on the nails in a pattern where one will fit inside the above two. ( if that makes sence). then  I decided to put a matte top coat, i used the one by essie. so, this was pretty simple and my nails look horible, BUT heres where the inspritation comes in. you can take this tutorial and literally make it your own by changing colors or anything! so i hope you kinda enjoyed this and thanks for reading!

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