Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY: Black and White Curtains!

I wish I could say that i had a stylish room, but thats not the case. i have a small room and i make- do with what i have. My theme is black, white and a turquoise blue. my room is painted the blue color, and i have a black and white damask patterned comforter on my bed. i also sewed myself some customized pillows that i keep on my bed. Because im also addicted to pinterest, i saw this pin on my future home board, and i fell and love with the curtains! they gave me a good idea:)

I saw this picture on pinterest. i loved the clean look it gave the room, the more relaxed, at home but stylish feel.

i decided to make my own version of these curtains to go in my room. except for i changed it a little bit. i decided to make the white part of the curtains lace! so classy:) and i though id share with you my intermediate tips on how to sew your own black and white striped curtains!

i love looking at before and after photos so heres a before of my window... sheild you eyes!

i must tell you this picture does not capture the inner essecense of my room. this picture looks like its taken from a childs room!! the rest of my room looks ok... i just really like color haha!! but this is why i need to change my curtains... this could be a childs room haha you just cant see the rest of my decortations haha

1.) The first thing you need to do is go to your local fabric store and buy 3 yards each of the black and white fabric and 2 yards of the lace fabric. ( you will have a little extra but i always like scrap fabric!

2.)next, now let me tell you, the dimensions i used were way to small for my window and they dont close all the way haha... but thats ok becausei never need to close my window because i have blinds. but, i would measure the width of your window and add like 10 inches. then again for me, my bed covers half of my window, so my curtains dont need to reach the floor.. so they dont... but honestly, id just look of the dimensions of the curtains you have now and use those haha. then you have to use your awesome math skills and divide the width by two and add a couple inches and now you have your width of the panels ha. for mine.. i cut each panel 25 by 12... they work for my window but there probably not gonna work for yours:) use your brain sweetie:)

other words: take the widtch of your window add 15 inches. take this number and divide it by two, thats how wide each panel has to be. now you have to decide how big you want the stripes to be. for my 25 by 12 i did 3 black and 3 white with lace. so you just take your special number ( by ) the nuber of inches you want the thickness of each stripe to be. and thats how big you need to cut the strpies. again i did 3 white and 3 black but if your actully gonna see the whole curtain.. id add a couple more....make sence..?

im horrible at explaing things!

3.) so now you just sew the lace all the way around the white so that now your just left with the white panels ( with the lace attached ) and the plain black panels

4.) now all thats left is attaching the black to the white and vice versa. make sure you but the "right"sides together so that when you flip it out you have a perfect seam!

5.) now add the place where the curtain will go in. ( you just have to sew two lines about a inch and a half apart and about a 1/2 inch from the very top so that you get a ruffled effect.)

6.) the last step is to go around the other three sides and fold about a 1/2 inch in to make good edges. you pretty much do the same as "hemming pants" but just around the edges of your curtains.
DONE!!     OH WAIT.......
now you gotta repeat the entire steps for the other panel, but i guess you could just have one if you want..... not sure how tht would look.... but be my guest:)
this is normally when you realize how tired you are and how long youve been working when you practically have to start over:)
when your done the panels should match up on your windows and look somthing like this below

my rooms never clean and im not cleaning for a picture haha

heres and extreme photographer close up!

these curtains look fabulously amazing!! there so classy and they make your room look clean yet stylish and they just look fantabulous haha!! they kinda look like the blog banner at the top so its perfect!

thank you guys so much for reading! i hope this helped you!

if you have any questions comments or suggestions leave a comment below!

LISTEN! i was considering making an etsy shop or a youtube channel ( because i can explain things alot better talking) so PLEASE tell me what your think if i should or not. if you think i should ope and etsy shop, tell me what you would like me to can look at my for the love of art blog too for ideas on what i like to do. if you want me to do a youtube channel, tell me what you would like to see a tutorial of!!

thank you everyone!! have a good day!!

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  1. I loved what you did with the black accents against the blue. Those curtains totally changed the look of the room. I also liked the polka dots black and white nails - but I am being lazy and posting it all in one comment. Thanks for leaving a comment on the Tincan blog. I was busy on my work blog so I had forgotten to check the Tincan blog for a bit so I am sorry about the late reply!